10 Amazing Uses of Vetiver Oil

Vetiver oil is a product of grass family; it has earthy and exotic fragrance.  The oil is obtained from the roots by steam distillation. It is used in perfume industries and cosmetic industries and is also used to make a room spray because of its scent. It is extensively used as flavouring agent in sorbets and other food items.

It has antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, aphrodisiac and sedative properties; it supports the immune system and has grounding and calming effects on the emotions.

Herein are the Uses of Vetiver Oil:

1. Vetiver oil to treat the Wounds and Cuts:


It is useful in promoting new tissues and to inhibit the infection in wounds and cuts. It is helpful in accumulating the platelets and leucocytes.

Method to treat the wounds and cuts:

Take few drops of vetiver oil and apply on affected area.

2. Vetiver oil as a sedative:


It is known to calm your emotions, and its sweet, smoky and earthy scent can help in having a sound sleep. It can give relief during nervousness, panic attacks and restlessness.

Method to use vetiver oil as a sedative:

Combine few drops of oil with few drops of lavender oil and put in the diffuser and enjoy the aroma and go to sleep.


Take a cooking vessel and put half cup of coconut oil and a quarter cup of beeswax and cook till it is mixed properly. When it is slightly warm add ten drops of vetiver oil and ten drops of lavender oil and mix it well. Apply this balm on your forehead when you go to bed, its lingering fragrance will relax you and put you to sleep.

3. Vetiver oil as natural perfume:


It has sweet and musky fragrance, which when rubbed on the skin can linger throughout the day. With good scent it also has some medicinal properties, so rather than using alcohol-based perfume you can use this natural perfume.

Method to use:

Mix one cup of water with one tablespoon of vinegar and one tablespoon of baking soda. Mix properly and add 15 drops of vetiver oil and ten drops of bergamot oil. You can store this liquid in a spray bottle and use as and when required.

4. Vetiver oil as Aphrodisiac:


Lack of sexual desire or lower libido is connected with your mood, and it is considered to stimulate your senses.

Method to use it as Aphrodisiac:

Fill your tub with warm water then add few drops of oil in it and soaks in water for few minutes.


Put few drops of vetiver oil and few drops of lemon oil into your diffuser to create a romantic ambience in your room.

5. Vetiver oil for ADHD:


ADHD is a significant issue in today’s world where children became impatient and distracted faster. Usage of this oil can bring good results in children and shape them into a responsible citizen.

Method to use this oil for ADHD:

Combine few drops of this oil with few drops of lavender oil and put in your diffuser and let the room linger with its aroma. Do this regularly; it will improve concentration power in your child.

6. Vetiver oil as Mosquito and Insect Repellent:


It is effective in killing mosquito; they get suffocated by its scent and get killed. It is also useful to get rid of head lice.

Method to use it as Mosquito and Insect Repellent:

Put few drops of oil in your diffuser and fill the room with this aroma. The scent will repel the mosquito, and they will get killed or run away from the chamber.

Method to use vetiver oil to eliminate head lice:

Combine few drops of oil with one teaspoon of coconut oil and massage your scalp with this oil. Wash off your hair after one hour. Follow this procedure till the head is lice free.

7. Vetiver oil as a tonic for the body:


It is a tonic which is helpful to your overall functioning of the body; it keeps your immune system and metabolic system in proper condition. It strengthens and tones the body.

Method to use vetiver oil as a tonic to the body:

Combine few drops of vetiver oil with one tablespoon of sweet almond oil. Mix properly and use as a body massage oil.

8. Vetiver oil for the healthy nervous system:


It can calm and soothe the nerves and maintain the health of your nervous system. It can even help to reduce the symptoms of nervous disorders like epilepsy, Parkinson’s disease, panic attack and also spasms of legs.

Method to use it for the healthy nervous system:

Combine five drops of vetiver oil with five drops of lavender oil and put in your diffuser.


Take two drops of oil in hand rub your hands and cup to your nose and inhale deeply for few minutes.


Written by Ashley Grace

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