These Benefits And Uses of Elderflower Will Amaze You

Elderflower is the flower of the elder tree and is used to make medicine. It comes into the season in the northern hemisphere end of May to early June. The elder plant has been used for over thousands of years in different cultures in many ways. Some people consume it as a soothing beverage and others as medicine.

The flowers are white in colour and are highly aromatic and juicy. It is often used as a flavouring agent in many of the foods and drinks.

There are many health benefits of using elder flower such as it treats stress, flu, skin irritations, allergies and other heart and respiratory problems. It is also used as a supplement, diuretic and also reduces certain pollen allergies. Elder flower is also used for swollen sinuses and influenza flu, swine flu, diabetes and bronchitis.

Herein are some benefits and uses of elderflower

Elderflower to improve skin conditions


The flower extracts of this plant can help heal skin. The extract from this amazing flower has been used to treat burns, skin infections and skin rashes. The healing properties of this flower can also be used to cure acnes, breakouts and freckles. Rather than spending all of your money into skin creams and cosmetics that are packed with toxic chemicals, one can use an elder flower to restore your skin at a fraction of a price. Juniper berry is also helpful in improving your skin.

Elderflower to mitigate allergies


People who have allergies from dogs, cats and pollens can inflict chaos on the eyes and nose. But, the elder flower can actually help to reduce the symptoms linked with these allergies. The extract of this flower has been effective at reducing the symptoms linked with swollen sinuses and pollen allergies. Rather than taking medications, which most of the time shows side effects, you can drink the elder flower juice each morning during your allergy season to combat red eyes and running noses.

Elderflower for strong immune system


Elder flower has been the most important part of the European kitchen cupboards for years. The reason is, it was used as a preventative medication during the long cold winters. It was given to the children when cold arrived to help strengthen their immune systems. Consuming elder flower helped them to easily combat common cold and coughs that accompany winter. The flower extract is so powerful that it can even fight off some deadly viruses like influenza and swine flu. For other alternative you can use Jujube fruit for strong immune system.

Elderflower for fighting oxidative stress


The elder flower extract is rich in vitamin C and is very helpful for the health of skin, ligaments, blood vessels and tendons. The flower is a very strong anti-oxidant and helps to protect the body from oxidative stress. When you are under constant stress, your vital body organs tend to dysfunction. It helps to lessen the effects of chronic diseases like heart disease, cancer and diabetes.The elder flower builds up your immune system by kicking out all the toxins from your body through lymph glands. It works as a natural detoxification system that lessens the load on the liver.

Elderflower to increase power


The elder plant is rich in both flavonoids and bioflavonoids and these ranges from isoquercitrin, anthocyanins and quercetin. All of these have antiviral properties. The flower is rich in chlorogenic acid that helps to combat allergy symptoms and loosen stool and regulates the blood glucose level. This flower also contains oleanolic and erythrodiol acids that consist of analgesic, anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory properties. You can also see Sassafras tea as energy booster.

Elderflower for fighting flu


Now days, a lot of flu shots contains toxins in it and may generate some side effects after consuming it. But, the extract from elder flower is extremely powerful in a natural way and is extremely effective in treating symptoms of flu and infections. In a study conducted, 30 percent of the people who took the elder flower extract showcased no symptoms of the flu than the 60 percent of those who didn’t. And also, those who took elder flower extract showed more comfort than those who took medications prescribed by the doctors. Also, you can use Essential Oils for Colds and their Benefits and Uses.

Elderflower to fight against MRSA


Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA) is a disease prone bacteria which causes infections in different parts of the body. Most often, it causes mild infections on the skin, and it can cause more serious skin infections if not treated properly. A study went on to show that elder flower has antibacterial properties against both gram negative and positive bacteria, resulting in it help combats against such bacteria.

Elderflower for lowering cholesterol


In order to live a healthy life, one must take a good care of their heart. Heart diseases are preventable, and one of the methods is to use elder flower extract. The juice extracted from elder flower helps in your efforts in improving your overall health including the heart. Experiments have proved that after only two weeks of drinking elder flower juice, adults have experienced lower cholesterol and triglyceride levels. The elder plant contains quercetin that helps in combating higher cholesterol levels in the body.

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