10 Amazing Health Benefits of Feijoa

Feijoa or pineapple guava is a species of flowering plant native to most of the South American countries, which is classified in the plant family Myrtaceae. Currently, it is also cultivated in other regions of Australia, Russia, New Zealand and Georgia. Its size and shape resemble of a chicken egg, but a green one.

It has a sweet, aromatic, juicy flavour which tastes like the combination of mint, apple and pineapple. This plant lives for more than 45 years, and there are 21 varieties of Feijoa such as Coolidge, Apollo, Edenvale and so on.

This pineapple guava fruit is loaded with the natural source of many vitamins and vital nutrients the body needs. Herein are the 10 amazing health benefits of Feijoa.

1. Feijoa fruit for improved memory, focus and concentration


There are several components in pineapple guava, such as folate, potassium and various other antioxidants that are known to provide neurological benefits. Potassium in it is known to increase the blood flow to the brain and enhance insight. On the other hand, folate in it is known to reduce the occurrence of cognitive decline and Alzheimer’s disease. This fruit also contains vitamin B6, which helps to overcome from depression and nausea.

2. Feijoa fruit as energy enhancer


It is rich in manganese, which is an important cofactor in some minerals important in antioxidant defenses and energy production. One cup of this fruit contains 10-12 percent of the mineral manganese. Since the energy production is forged within the cells which require manganese and pineapple guava is the better alternative for manganese.

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3. Feijoa fruit for infection


This fruit can help you fight off bacterial infections. This fruit is rich in vitamin C and is a great natural water soluble antioxidant that helps the body to develop a protective shield against various infectious agents. One cup of pineapple guava contains 80 percent of the vitamin C, and it also helps to eliminate cancer causing free radicals from the body.


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4. Feijoa fruit for improved heart health


The fibre content in this fruit is known to lower the LDL cholesterol that is the bad cholesterol and in return increases the amount of HDL cholesterol that is the good cholesterol. Also, vitamin C and B6, and potassium have been known to improve the heart’s health. A study conducted suggested that individuals who consumed approximately 4060 mg of potassium daily had a 50 percent lower risk of death from heart disease, compared to those who consumed less or didn’t.

5. Feijoa to maintain blood pressure


This fruit can contribute to lower the risk of hypertension as it is loaded with low content of sodium and high content of potassium. This fruit is known to have a higher concentration of potassium content in it in with 418 mg per fruit compared to just 7 mg of sodium. Potassium helps the blood vessels to relax and helps maintain a proper blood pressure.

6. Feijoa for diabetes


This fruit has an excellent glycemic index score, and people with type 2 diabetes are recommended to consume at least one feijo daily. The glycemic index ranks foods and drinks according to their potential to increase the blood sugar level. Foods with a high glycemic index like rice and bread will break down and result in spiking up the insulin and blood sugar level. But, this fruit is slowly absorbed into the blood stream. Except Feijoa, Honeyberry is also anti-diabetic.

7. Feijoa for a healthy digestive system


The fibre content in this fruit stimulates peristaltic motion and increases the secretion of gastric juice in the gut. This helps in digestion of the food and prevents conditions like constipation. This fruit also helps the body fight against serious conditions like colorectal cancer. It also helps scrape fat out of the arteries and blood vessels. Juniper Berry can also help in controlling digestive disorder

8. Feijoa for pregnant women


Folic acid is a necessary compound needed by pregnant women, and this fruit has plenty of it. Folic acid can protect pregnant women from anaemia. Anaemia leads to dizziness and fatigue. Also, this fruit is rich in iron. Iron maintains high levels of Red Blood Cells (RBC), which ensures proper development of the baby.

9. Feijoa for Depression


It is rich in many vitamins and vital nutrients needed for the proper functioning of the body. A study conducted portrayed that consuming 1 or 2 servings of this fruit in a day lowers the risk of depression, anxiety and stress. The anti-inflammatory compounds and antioxidants present in it make sure that your mood doesn’t go awry.

10. Feijoa for wonderful skin


The pulp and seeds of this fruit are best known to exfoliate the skin and give the skin its natural tenderness and glow. Due to the higher levels of nutrients present in it, the cosmetic industry has turned its head towards this fruit. Here is an aletrnative Elderflower to improve skin conditions.

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