Oleander Tree – Health Benefits, Uses, Side Effects And Warnings

Oleander tree grows throughout the world but is native to the Himalayan region. It is very sturdy and quickly growing. Oleander leaf is known to have many health benefits

Studies and research suggest that oleander tree promotes digestion, it aids as a blood purifier and has anti-inflammatory, analgesic, antibacterial and anticancer.

Herein are the Health Benefits and Uses of Oleander tree:

Oleander tree for glowing skin:


It is useful in curing many skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis and much more. It also makes the skin tone even and clears the blemishes. Also, You can  use Elderflower to improve skin conditions.

Method to use:

Take a handful of flowers from white oleander, grind them and make a paste. Apply on face and neck; it will enhance the texture of the skin.

Oleander tree to treat itching:


Its flowers or leaves give immense relief in itching sensation. It has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties which cure infections and reduce the itching.

Method to use:

Take two tablespoons of oleander leaves and make a paste of it, then add two tablespoons of olive oil in it. Mix properly and apply on affected area. Or you can just replace two tablespoons of leaves paste with two tablespoons of oleander flower paste and apply on affected area.

Oleander tree to treat hemorrhoids:


Its roots can give comfort and relief in the pain of hemorrhoids and heal the symptoms faster.

Method to use:

Take medium size root of oleander chop in small pieces and with water grind in the paste. Apply this paste on affected area for 30 minutes then gently wipe it away.

Oleander tree for joint pain:


It has anti-inflammatory properties and treats the inflammation actually and ease the pain and eliminate the discomfort. You can also use Durian fruit for strong bones.

Method to use:

Take one cup full oleander leaves and grind to a fine paste. Then apply on affected joint and follow this procedure once a day till the joint pain subsides.

Oleander tree for a headache:


The throbbing pain in the head due to sinus or staying in sunlight for a longer time or any a headache can be cured by oleander due to its analgesic property. It’s an excellent natural remedy for a problem.

Method to use:

Combine two tablespoons of the flower of oleander with one tablespoon of Indian gooseberry and make a paste with little water. Apply this paste on the forehead it will soothe and reduce your headache.

Oleander tree to treat snake bite:


Because of its emetic properties, it is helpful to treat snake bite and also if by mistake have consumed poison.

Method to use:

Take a tiny size of oleander bark or one to two leaves of the tree and consume repeatedly. It will induce vomiting that will make the poison come out of your body.

Oleander tree for heart health:


It root can help to treat heart pain and many other disorders in connection with heart health. Also, Goji berry plant prevents heart disease.

Method to use:

Take a tiny size of the bark of oleander root and consume after a small meal. It will make you urinate slowly and will give relief in heart pain.

Oleander tree for ear pain:


It has an analgesic compound that soothes the ear pain.

Method to use:

Take a bark of the root of the tree then grind and take out the juice. Now take one drop of this juice and mix with one drop of gingerly oil and then put two drops of this concoction on the ear.

Side effects of oleander tree:

There are many benefits and uses of oleander at the same time there are enormous side effects as well of it. By consuming any part of this tree can cause vomiting, diarrhoea, dizziness, weakness, heart issues like bradycardia, tachyarrhythmia and heart block, increased salivation. There is much evidence of death and poisoning because of oleander and its parts consumption.


The entire portion of oleander is poisonous. Never consume any part of oleander raw and also do not use in any way without the consultation of a doctor.

Even if recommended never consume any part of oleander on an empty stomach. Just 10 to 15 fresh leaf of oleander can kill a horse; it is that lethal.

Always wash hands after touching the flowers and leaf. Do not allow the children to go near the plant or move the leaf or flowers.

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