Black Seed Side Effects And All You Need To Know About It

Black Seed Side Effects

Black Seed is a well-known herb which is used for about 2000 years, people living in the Middle East and some parts of Asia and Africa to promote health and general well-being. It is also known the “Blessed Seed”. Ever since its introduction to the United States in the late 1980’s, it has been commonly referred to as Black Seed‘ or ‘Black Cumin’ and often used as a spice in traditional Indian and Middle Eastern and Persian cuisines. Historically black seed is used for home remedies. While it has its positives, people rarely know about the black seed side effects and in this article, we are going to tell them about that. Along with black seed side effects, we will also be educated about how to use back seed in order to get it benefits in the most efficient way.

Black seed benefits


  1. According to the earlier researches black seeds resulted in 52 percent decrease in tumor cells, which reduces the risk of cancer.
  2. The person having the liver problems due to medication side effects, alcohol consumption, or black disease seed is very beneficial for them which helps to prevent both damage and disease of the liver.
  3. There is Nigella sativa in the black seed which helps both type one and type two of diabetes.
  4. Black seed benefits weight loss because it contains Nigella sativa which is marvelous anti-inflammatory agent known to help people lose weight in the same way as it helps in diabetics.
  5. Black seeds’ one of the main benefits is its ability to restore the hair loss.
  6. It is also recommended for the treatment of the HIV / AIDS symptoms.
  7. Lymphatic Cancer is a painful disease which can also be treated by the black seed oil.
  8. Black seed also prevents our body from being affected by anemia.
  9. It also improves the count of sperm in the men.
  10. Black seed oil treats the nose bleeding.
  11. Its oil can be used as lip balm or for the treatment of skin. Here is how to remove tan from lips.

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How to use black seeds


If you want to get the best of the above-mentioned benefits you should know how to use black seeds. Here’s how you should use it:

  1. Eat black seeds plain.
  2. Eat a teaspoon of black seed blended with honey.
  3. Boil black seed with water. Strain and drink.
  4. Heat black seed and warm drain until it just start to bubble. Expel from warm. Cool, and then drink.
  5. Grind black seed and swallow it with water or drain.
  6. Sprinkle on bread and baked goods.
  7. Burn black seed with bukhoor (incense) for a charming scent.

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Black seed side effects


Now we have reached the most important segment of the article. Below are the black seed side effects that one needs to keep in mind before consuming it.

  1. Black seed taken in the large amount during pregnancy may result in slow down or stop the uterus from contracting. Papaya seeds for abortion are the safest way.
  2. It slows the blood clotting and also increases the risk of bleeding.
  3. Black seed lowers the blood sugar levels and may also result in the lower the level of diabetes.
  4. By black seed, the blood pressure starts dropping.
  5. It may lead to the tiredness and increase sleepiness in some people.
  6. For some individuals directly touching black seed may cause a red rash on the skin which is one of the main side effects.
  7. A large amount of intake of black seed is harmful to the children’s and adults as well.

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