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Bariatric Surgery – Key to Good Health

Obesity is one of the most concerning lifestyle issues worldwide. Along with impacting people with poor health conditions, it brings about, low self-esteem and a spate of other health problems. Sleep disorders, cardiac problems, digestive concerns, and physiological stresses are just a few of the many problems faced by obese people. Fortunately, there are several proven measures, including surgery, that can bring about much-needed relief. For people struggling with rising concerns about their weight, bariatric surgery is a big step in the right direction. It can provide them with a slimmer physique and better health conditions.

These days, there are several healthcare units and professionals who are committed to offering comprehensive treatment plans and personalized care to patients undergoing bariatric surgery. They have the right skills and equipment in place to facilitate successful and safe weight loss. Here, we intend to enlighten our readers about the benefits of bariatric surgery and why they should go the full way.

Why is Bariatric Surgery a Good Choice?

The health issues linked with obesity have ceased to surprise health watchers any more. The last few decades have witnessed an exponential rise in the number of obese adults and children across the world. Even though it is a preventable lifestyle issue, many deaths occur because weight issues are allowed to spiral out of control in most patients. High glucose levels or diabetes, heart attacks and hypertension are just a few of the many problems that surface because of obesity.

The answer to these critical problems can be found in bariatric surgery. If performed to perfection, this surgical method can help obese patients work on their health conditions. However, as this is major surgery, its often considered only as of the last resort for treating obesity. It should be performed only after being recommended by preferred health practitioners and experienced bariatric surgeons. Dr. Sashi Ganta from NuSelf explains that the aftercare program following weight loss surgery is critical to the long-term success of the patient. If the patient agrees to the procedure, then a qualified bariatric surgeon should advise him or her about the current health conditions as well as the merits of signing up for the process. The following benefits of bariatric surgery have to be understood in detail to figure out what’s in store.

Benefits of Bariatric Surgery

  1. Life expectancy increases 

Obesity happens to be an important reason for preventable death cases. According to research reports, the life expectancy of an obese person is much less than that of a person enjoying normal weight conditions. Once bariatric surgery is successfully performed, the life expectancy of the patient increases. This can be attributed to positive lifestyle improvements brought about in the patient after the surgery.

  1. Improvements in or the resolution of severe health problems

Surgery can offer cures for multiple problems. The same rings true in case of bariatric surgery. Issues like hypercholesterolemia, hypertension, adult-onset diabetes, gastroesophageal reflux, sleep apnea, as well as other health disorders are likely to replenish in a significant manner after the surgery. It has also been established that the risk of certain types of cancer reduces in very obese patients after undergoing bariatric surgery.

  1. Long-Term loss in weight

The long-term effects of bariatric surgery are many. After being performed effectively, this surgery allows patients to enjoy an altogether new phase of life. Patients experience an increase in self-esteem and look forward to developing a better and more appealing self-image. However, the main intent of undergoing this surgery should aim at staying healthy and leading a better life in the future.

What to Watch Out For

As with all other surgical procedures, there are no promises for complete recovery. Unprecedented outcomes and health concerns may surface if the after-care routine is not followed by the patient. An important point to note in this regard is that the results can only be meaningful and long-lasting if the lifestyle recommended by the surgeon post-operation is followed to the maximum possible limit. It is critical to join healthy lifestyle groups and listen to the advice provided by experts in post-operative care. The valuable suggestions provided by them can bring about many positive differences in the patient.

Way Forward

The final decision to go under the knife of an experienced bariatric surgeon has to be taken by the patient. Proper research on the procedure and its many benefits are helpful in guiding this decision. If you’ve been pondering over the merits of a bariatric surgery lately then reach out to your preferred surgeon to know how to go about the process, right away.

Written by Ashley Grace

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