How Long Do Sun Blisters Last?

How long do sun blisters last depends on some factors. If we expose our body in front of the sun for long hours then it causes sun blisters on our body. These sun blisters are the result of direct contact between our body and sun.

The parts of the body which is much more prone to sun blisters are face, cheeks, and lips. Their color is red and we use to suffer from tenderness and pain by having them. If we deal with the fact that how long do sun blisters last then they fade away on their own. They tend to last longer more than their tenure if they are not treated medically or by using home remedies. How long do sun blisters last depends on some factors; these factors are explained in the following manner.

Overall Symptoms


The time taken by the symptoms of sun blisters to get recovered is a week or 10 days but their effects may take so much of time to last. If the condition of sun blisters is severe then, it takes two weeks or more for the symptoms to get recovered. Within a couple of days, the symptoms of mild cases of sun blisters go away. The time taken by the individual to get into the trap of sun blisters after exposure to the sun is six or seven hours and he or she will experience the pain. After the appearance of sun blisters if the treatment is provided frequently then, the process of recovery started and we will get rid of sun blisters within three or four days. How long do sun blisters last depends on the fact that how long its symptoms last. Coconut oil for sunburn is highly effective.



We can get relief from the pain of sun blisters for four or five days. The symptoms of sun blisters can be treated within a couple of days if immediate treatment is given. We can recover the symptoms of sun blisters by having pain killers for reducing or eliminating pain. How long do sun blisters last depends on how long the pain of sun blisters last.

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Swelling is the symptom of sun blisters and does not take much time to last. A couple of days at maximum are required to get rid of the swelling. If immediate treatment is provided then within 8-12 hours it can be recovered. This swelling may cause pain which can be treated by having corticosteroids or NSAIDs. We should avoid the application of oily or greasy products on sun blisters as it causes swelling or inflammation. How long do sun blisters last depend on how long the swelling of sun blisters last.

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The major symptom of sun blisters is rashes. It takes 6-7 days to go away. First of all, there is the occurrence of pimples and these pimples get red and converted into rashes. Swelling also occurs with it. Sun blisters cause rashes, itchiness and inflammation and the best treatment to get rid of these symptoms is the use of calamine lotion. How long do sun blisters last depend on how long the rashes of sun blisters last.

Sunburn Peeling


When we come across with sun blisters then, there occurs the flaking and peeling of skin after about three days. The peeling takes several days to get recovered. If the skin is healed fully then peeling gets stop. It takes seven days for the mild or moderate burn. The occurrence of a few peelings takes place for several weeks. For getting our skin healed we should have to drink plenty of water. We should remove dead skin cells from peeling skin gently. For getting the dead cells to get loose, we should take a warm bath. You must read about How to heal a sunburn?

Thus, here we discuss the fact that how long do sun blisters last and it depends on the recovery of their symptoms and type of treatment provided to the individual. If immediate treatment will be provided then, sun blisters will be treated as soon as possible.

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