The Beginner’s Guide To Finding The Right T-shirt Bra For Your Body Type

Consider the purpose of the bra you are buying. Is this an everyday bra to wear under all your outfits? A t-shirt bra can be a great everyday bra to wear under any dress or with other form-fitting clothes.

While choosing a T-shirt bra, the goal is to look sleek underneath while getting the lift you need. Smooth cups that won’t show any seams, bumps, or texture through your clothing are a must. And no matter what your bust size, you should definitely go for a decent amount of coverage.

If you have fuller breasts:

Choose a T-shirt bra that has rigid cups rather than a minimizer bra, this can make you look heavier. Turn sideways and look into the mirror. Your nipples should be halfway between the shoulder and the elbow. If it’s not, then the bra isn’t supportive enough.

If you have uneven busts:

Go for a T-shirt bra that has removable padding. Then take out the insert on the fuller side to even out the sizes. Shortening the strap on the smaller side also helps to remove bagginess.

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If you’re a plus-size:

Do you belong to a team plus size? No worries we have a solution for you too. Rely on bras that have a wide band. This gives you a smooth appearance and maximum support. Unlike what most of the women think, just because you have larger busts doesn’t mean that you can’t go wireless. Nowadays most of a bra’s support comes from the band (not the straps) so as long as you have a strong band, feel free to go wireless.

If you simply have an average figure:

Choose a normal molded bra, even if you don’t want to increase your size. Go for cups that are made up of foam that provide shaping and opacity without extra added bulk.

If you have saggy breasts:

Bye-bye to saggy breasts. Try full-coverage cups that point up for a natural perky lift. But if the bra rides up in the back, the breasts dropdown. So the solution for this is to go down a band size till the bra is level. A simple technique to avoid saggy cleavage is to go with the push-up bra section and look for styles with the most coverage.

If you are petite:

Make sure that the bra band is snug around the rib cage by selecting a brand that specializes in petite-friendly sizes like 28, 30, and 32. Select a padded demi or push-up bra to enhance your cleavage naturally and give them a proper lift.

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Tips that you definitely need:

  1. Don’t be afraid to ask a store worker to help, that’s what they’re paid for and they will help you in finding the right bra. And measure yourself on the size chart if you’re purchasing them online.
  2. If you find “the perfect one,” and you can afford it, buy a few of them.
  3. Never put your bras in the drier. They will not last long. They will last even longer only if you wash them on a delicate cycle in a lingerie bag.

A right t-shirt bra can do wonders on your body. So please make sure to read this blog before you purchase them so that you can buy them according to your body type. Happy shopping!

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Written by Preeti Kaur

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