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What to Consider Before Designing Packaging for a New Product

Whether you’ve invented a new and unique product for the market or are looking to sell a product that has been done before, the key is getting the packaging right. If the packaging that the product comes in isn’t appealing and interesting, customers are going to find it difficult to be interested in what you’re offering. Your product’s packaging tells your customers a lot about what they are going to find inside. Not only does it offer more information on the product and what it does, but it also shows them the quality of the product and can often be the deciding factor when it comes to choosing your brand or that of a competitor. That’s why it’s so important to spend some time considering these important factors whether you’re designing packaging for a new or existing product. 

Can Your Target Market Relate?

You already know just how important it is to conduct market research before introducing a new product, to find out first and foremost if there is a market for your product, and the type of people who are likely going to be most willing to purchase it. Taking some further time to get to know and understand your market when designing the packaging will help you to come up with visual ideas that your audience can relate to

Your Product

The packaging should clearly display what customers can expect to find inside of it. Packaging that is confusing or does not accurately represent what’s inside can cause all sorts of problems for your brand, so it’s best to keep things to the point. Information is one of the key factors that customers expect from product packaging, so make sure that it is designed in a way that makes it easy to display all relevant information. 

The Competition

Chances are that if you are selling a product similar to a competitor’s, they are going to be sitting side by side on the shelves. Of course, there are many factors that go into persuading your target audience to choose your brand over a competitor, and the product packaging is just one of them. Take some time to look at what your competitors are doing and come up with packaging that is different in such a way that it stands out and makes customers take notice. 

Design Quality

Finally, remember that the product packaging will often be the source of the first impression that many customers are going to get of your product and perhaps even your brand. This is certainly not an area where you should cut any corners when it comes to design quality, as the reputation of your brand is directly reflected. Use a modern, high-quality design – can help with this – and make sure that the packaging is not cluttered with information that customers don’t need right away. Keep things simple, to the point, and use plenty of white space to accentuate the product and its best features. 

Product packaging is often underrated in terms of the impact that it has on customer choice. Whatever kind of product you are bringing to the market, spend some time considering these important factors. 

Written by Maanvir Singh

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