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At times, it can be hard feeling desired and sexy, especially during times like now. Worldwide pandemic doesn’t make things easier for us, but self-care is one of the most important things you have to remember about. When times are rough, good-old shopping therapy always helps to maintain sanity. And shopping for hot clothing and lingeries is a million times better. How do you like these splendid pieces? View Feelingirldress now and get your next drop-dead gorgeous style.


Color pink always looks refreshing and seductive. And when it comes in a form of a satin robe, that flows to the knees and shows off the beauty of the figure. Wear it on top of your regular sleepwear to boost-up the confidence. On top of a sexy wholesale lingerie set, to cover the most appetizing parts of the body. Or right on top of the naked body. Sounds enthusing, isn’t it?

If you are into more provocative styles, we recommend you to try the next type of sexy dresses cheap and of good quality. This glossy short dress, with lace-up parts on the sides, is going to make you feel glamorous during your special, date night. Made of PU leather, it will serve you a long time, making every night of your life special.

The next sexy piece will wake up a real tigress in you. The true red ensemble features an eye-cathing cut-out part underneath the breast area, while the lightweight lace on the bra part makes it look very tempting. Isn’t it the best outfit to brighten up a dull night? Finish the look with a pair of high heels, a red manicure, and, of course, a couple of accessories.

An angel-worthy bodysuit, innocently lace-up with two satin bows on the top and decorated with thousands of an eye-lash lace. Such a heavenly bodysuit is your best choice for a special night. The high-cut hip parts will accentuate the beauty of your natural curves and the open back part will demonstrate your skin.

Dark purple is the color of temptation. And if provocative styles aren’t your cup of tea, then this graceful baby-doll will look more than interesting to you. Thankfully, can cover everyone’s fashion taste. The see-through lace part flirtily reveals your tender, delicate skin, while the underlined bread-line will emphasize you’re natural shape. You and your love partner will definitely fall in love with this jaw-dropping look.

Written by Maanvir Singh

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