6 Benefits and Uses of Cassava Flour

Cassava plant is cultivated and grown in the entire world and originated from the South American forest. It belongs to spurge family. Cassava is nutty flavored, sweet and chewy tuber. Cassava flour is made by peeling the whole root, then dried and ground. It has ample amount of dietary fiber and is gluten-free. It is neutral and mild in flavor and is a perfect substitute for wheat flour.

It is packed with calcium, phosphorus, manganese, magnesium, vitamin A and C and beta-carotene.

Here are the Benefits and Uses of Cassava Flour:

Cassava flour to treat constipation:

Cassava flour is packed with fiber which is of real help to treat constipation. If included in the daily diet, it will show good results. But as we say, balance is the key, one must not consume too much cassava flour, the result is acidity and constipation. Here is the best formula suggested by top health experts and dietitians. This formula will improve your digestion and your gut healthy. Do you know how to relieve gas fast?

Method to use cassava to treat constipation:

Dosa an Indian snack used as breakfast:

Combine one cup of cassava flour with one cup of rice flour. Add water and make a paste of dropping consistency, add salt to taste. Take a flat pan put on gas grease the pan with oil when it is hot spread the batter and make a thin dosa. It can be served with chutney or ketchup.

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Cassava flour is a rich source of carbohydrates:

It is packed with starch that makes the staple diet for millions of people. It is powdery and soft in appearance.

Method to use cassava as carbohydrate-rich diet:

Cassava tortilla chips:

Take one cup of cassava flour in a wide container. Add salt per taste and herbs of your choice, then with water make a semi-stiff dough. Then roll the dough till it is fragile, and then cook on the pan from both the side, when the tortilla gets cold cut into an equal triangle. Oil the sheet and put the tortilla chips on the sheet, brush some oil on top of tortilla triangle. Preheat the oven to 425 degrees Fahrenheit and let the chips get cooked for 10 minutes or till it gets crispy. Let it cool and serve with salsa.

Here are the amazing health benefits of cassava:

Cassava flour for healthy skin and hair:

Cassava starch intake in your diet regularly can be helpful to promote healthy skin and hair. It is used to make bread and, can be used to make pancakes and many other delicious recipes. Other than cassava, benefits of green tea for skin, cinnamon benefits for skin and apple cider vinegar benefits for skin must be considered. For healthy hair, aloe vera juice for hair and apple cider vinegar benefits for hair can also be looked at.

Cassava sweet pancake:

Take one cup of cassava flour and add milk and a pinch of salt and make a batter of dropping consistency. Keep aside for 15 minutes. Meanwhile, take two bananas or strawberry or any fruit of your choice. Slice them and keep aside. Take a flat pan, then heat and grease the pan with butter and spread and make a thin pancake. When it’s cooked take in a plate put the sliced fruit of your choice in the middle of the crepe and fold, then drizzle honey on the top of the folded crepe.

Cassava flour to prevent diabetes:

When cooked, it has low glycemic index. Therefore it is an excellent choice of food for a diabetic patient. Wherever white flour is used cassava, flour can be substituted. It balances the blood sugar level.

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Method to use cassava to prevent diabetes:

Cassava flour porridge:

Take 3 cups of water in a pan put one teaspoon of oil, one teaspoon of herbs of your choice, salt o taste and a pinch of soda- bi- carb Bring this water to boil. Then add one cup of cassava flour little by little in the pan, keep on stirring while adding the flour. Once the entire flour is in the pan keep on stirring till it is of porridge consistency.

Cassava flour for weight loss:

It is healthy and nutritious, and it is a rich source of fibre and carbohydrates. Meal made from this flour will fill you faster and will keep you energetic for a long time that will get you do the activity, so automatically you burn some calorie. Because it keeps you full for a longer time, you won’t binge in between your meals. If you are looking for an organic source for weight loss then I think this will surely help you in your weightloss journey. Your body will start detoxing, you will feel energized throughout the day and you will be able to focus on your work. You’ll surely love this weightloss solution.

Do you know about coconut oil for weight loss, watermelon benefits weight loss, cinnamon benefits weight loss and various other essential oils for weight loss.

Method to use cassava for weight loss:

Cassava pancakes:

Take one cup of cassava flour, two tablespoons of yogurt, one teaspoon of ginger chilli paste or sliced green pepper and salt to taste. Mix everything, then add water and make dropping consistency batter. Keep aside to rest for 15 minutes. During that time take two carrots, medium piece of cabbage, grate them and mix in the batter. Now take a flat pan, heat, and grease the pan. Then spread the batter on the pan and make a delicious pancake. Serve with chutney or ketchup.

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Cassava flour as gluten-free flour:

It is a boon for people suffering from celiac disease or for people who are allergic to gluten diet. You can replace wheat flour or white flour with cassava in any recipe. You can make bread from cassava, can use in making curry and can make many savories and sweet dish from it.

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